Life Coaching Adelaide

What is Life Coaching?

Coaching is the field of assisting people to figure out the appropriate life path that may be right for them. A life path reflects a person’s needs and wants, values and beliefs, and intentions and expectations.

A coach assists people in the ordinary business of life in shaping life paths. They meet with clients as counsellors, therapists, or psychologists do, on a regular one-to-one basis, or they may meet clients for longer stand-alone or sequential appointments. Coaching may utilize the techniques of psychology, clinical hypnosis, counselling, and therapy, but is vastly different in its approach, conduct, and application.

What can I use it for?

Practical coaching develops balance and equalisation in work – recreation – home – personal life, and uses a model of ten areas of endeavour known as the tree of life: – professional, economic, intellectual, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, cultural, social, and environmental. Balance and harmony in a person’s tree of life achieves happiness.

Working practically with people assists with transitions and progress through life in a seven stage model which promotes health, wellness and well being, job satisfaction, performance enhancement, and successful and enjoyable relationships.

life coaching Adelaide

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