Counselling Adelaide

What is Counselling?

Counselling is a medality of psychology which focuses on practical, present moment, here and now, solutions and outcomes for a person’s problems. The aim is to be practical and solution focused, through the application of principles of remembering responsiveness, reflectiveness, resourcefulness, and resilience for relapse, prevention.

Counselling is the process of assisting people with a variety of difficulties they may face in their everyday life. Practical counselling and psychological practices create an environment of support and empowerment in the work a person does to help themselves overcome difficulties in their lives.

What can I use it for?

It focuses on the congnitive (mind) related aspects of a problem, and the social and interpersonal aspects of problems, so insight and effectiveness is gained in relation to the intention and expectations of acts and behaviours. It helps to build skills to make people more effective in coping with a range of difficulties. Practical Psychology and counselling includes:

Counselling approaches like these techniques assist with difficulties arising from stress, anxiety and depression, or from personal and sexual health, and difficulties in personal relationships of all types.

counselling Adelaide

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