Peter Stroud

Ready – Steady – Choose – Shift [Part 2]

2. Making Your Way This is the second Blog in this series, and it is about stability and transformation. You can read the first part here In the first Blog you learned that attitudes take you a long way in the direction you set for your life. Making your way means gaining clarity for the road ahead in your life and relationships. Like any journey the way ahead in life… Read More »Ready – Steady – Choose – Shift [Part 2]


This Blog is about adaptation. When life has got out of balance something needs to change. Studies about change show that adaptable and happy people are those with good connections with their partners, family, colleagues, work, and the organisations around them. We can choose and define these connections and we can choose how we can conduct all our different kinds of relationships, and we can choose how we adapt through… Read More »READY- STEADY – CHOOSE —SHIFT